autumn chickpea stew

Can you believe we only have two months left until Christmas? I for sure don’t know where this year has gone. Although, I must admit that I really love autumn, with all its gorgeous rusty colours and that cosy feeling when nights get longer and colder and all you want to do is stay in, under a warm blanket and have some hearty food or a delicious and decadent hot chocolate. So, obviously, what and how we cook changes. The slow cooker may now have a permanent spot on your kitchen counter, or you may shop for more root veg to make lots of soups.

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teriyaki veggies noodle stir fry

teriyaki veggies noodle stir fry

Happy Tuesday! Today mostly consisted of life admin and some fresh air; the weather’s been really nice, but it looks like it’s going to start raining again. Good thing I bought those biscuits, I’ll have them later on with tea while I cosy up on the sofa! Didn’t feel like having any meat today, so whipped up a veggie stir fry, as colorful as the weather, and I won’t feel bad about those biscuits later on!

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goats cheese omelette

I thought I’d break my fast (get it?) from blogging with a hearty breakfast dish, which I love to treat myself with on a lazy day. This goats cheese omelette is so easy to throw (literally) together in about 10 minutes. One thing about me, I prefer to be able to cook my food pretty quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I like complex recipes and, when I’m in the mood, I like to take on a challenge; but generally speed is key for me. You know that feeling when you get home from work in the evenings and all you’d rather do is relax.

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